Dyed Locks for Dolls Hair

Locks for every type of doll; reborns, porcelain, antique reproduction, country cloth & character dolls, fairies & Santas.
*New Products: washed alpaca for dolls hair, and natural undyed grey mohair for wizards etc. See details below!                                                                                                                                   
Not sure about a hair shade? Call Alison on 0408 992 927 or email: stokesay@bigpond.com for free samples of all the current shades in our range. Once you've made your selection, you can contact Alison as per details above to place your order.

Product range:

Dyed Locks for Dolls Hair
sorted dyed locks in a range of lengths - 25g packs

  • regular (12-15cm): $12.00
  • long (16-22cm): $20.00


Available shades:

Dyed locks dark brown
Dark Brown

Honey Blonde


Dolls Hair Chestnut

Light Brown


Ash Blonde
Dolls locks pale blonde
Pale Blonde
Dolls locks Rich Auburn
Rich Auburn

Strawberry Blonde


Dyed Locks for Dolls Hair Mixed Packs
Mixed pack of hair shades in assorted lengths - maximum 8 shades per pack. Ideal for small dolls where only small quantities are required of each shade.

  • 50g pack: $17
  • 100g pack: $32


Washed Undyed Natural Grey Mohair for Dolls Locks

Undyed natural grey mohair locks suitable for wizards etc. Regular length only.

25g pack: $8


Undyed Washed Alpaca Fibre for Dolls Hair

Image of Washed Alpaca Fibre in natural dark brownWashed alpaca fibre is a popular choice for doll makers wanting a softer hair option.  Alpaca is both softer and frizzier in character than mohair, giving your doll a different finish.

Alpaca fibre from our own alpaca 'Omar". This fibre has been washed in a natural antibacterial wash containing Australian tea tree oil and lemon myrtle then rinsed in pure rainwater.
Fibre is approx 8cm long.

Natural undyed dark brown (as pictured): 25grams $10.00


Machine Sewn Wefts for Dolls WigsImage of Machine Sewn Wefts, ready to form into your dolls wig

Talk to us about how to make your own weft. We'll help you choose the right product to best meet your needs.

Machine Sewn Wefts are made of dyed locks, wefted together into a long strand ready to make your dolls wig. Weft is most commonly used for porcelain dolls.  You can use the dyed locks above (the regular length are easiest to use as the longer locks require alot of preparation work), or our Undyed Locks for Dolls Hair, which you can dye yourself before wefting them together to make your wig.