Yarn for Dolls Hair

Here you'll find a range of yarns suitable for dolls hair on cloth dolls, Waldorf dolls etc, and skin-toned yarns for knitted dolls.

Yarns thickness is referred to in terms of ply: the larger the number, the thicker the yarn. Our yarns here range from 5ply up to 12ply, and use either mohair or wool fibre.






Yarn for Dolls Hair:

Image of Chocolate Brown brushed mohair yarnDesign Spun 12ply pure brushed mohair yarn:

Thick 12ply mohair yarn, great for larger dolls where a thicker strand is needed. Shade Chocolate Brown only (50g ball): $12.95


8ply Luxury Mohair yarn:

Boucle (loopy) style yarn in shade Black only (50g ball): $6.95



8ply Studio Mohair yarn:

Brushed mohair blend yarn in shade Tan only (50g ball): $5.95

*Note: this yarn does have a small manmade fibre component.



Heirloom Easy Care 8ply yarn: $5.95

Australian made premium pure 100% wool machine washable yarn, 50g (98m) balls.  This yarn has a natural twist to it. This yarn is also suitable for creating knitted skin tones.

Donkey 754

Beige 725

Owl 726

Red 760

Black 765

Buttermilk 790


Light Grey 762













Heirloom Easy Care 5ply yarn: $5.95

In shades pictured above except 725 Beige (coming soon). 50g (135m) ball.

5ply yarn has a thinner strand than the 8ply yarn for a different finish, or for smaller dolls which may be overwhelmed by a thicker yarn.


Yarns for Knitting Skin Tones:

Heirloom Merino Magic 8ply yarn: $5.95

Merino Magic pure 100% wool yarn is perfect for knitting flesh colours, as it's soft and smooth (rather than fluffy).  Merino Magic is machine washable, and available in 50g (105m) balls. 

224 Black

503 Camel

552 Natural Fleck

226 Natural

208 Wombat

213 Beige


Interested in knitting yarns, including our range of Stokesay hand-dyed mohair, but not seeing what you need here?

We've got loads more yarns in a wide range of colours and plys.  Visit our dedicated knitting site Knitting Yarns by Mail at http://knittingyarns.com.au for our full range of knitting yarns and accessories!